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Pars Roads Development Co. after more than 30 years of executive record is recognized as the biggest contractor of IR Iran Ministry of Roads & Transportation history in the fields of making roads, expressways, freeways, tunnels, bridges and airports both in Iran and abroad and is also a trusted international company for domestic and foreign employers in any types of construction and investment contracts.

RowCountryProjectExecuted in
2TurkmenistanAshgabat-Bajgiran 1998
5KyrgyzstanJalal Abad-Ozgen2003
6KyrgyzstanReconstruction of Osh City Streets2003
7KyrgyzstanReconstruction of Jalal Abad City Streets2003
8KyrgyzstanKaradarya bridge2003
9KazakhstanKaraganda-Eskar Faka Part no.112003
10KazakhstanKaraganda-Eskar Faka Part no.292003

Pars Roads Development Co. during its 30 years of work experience completed more than 100 civil projects. These projects have been carried out on partnership, contractual and plan designing basis which the newest ones as examples are as follows:

RowProjectExecuted inType of Project
1Imamgholi-Dargaz Part no.11979Main Road
2Taft-Yazd1979Main Road
3Chay Kenar Blvd.1979Main Road
4Mahi Dasht-Ghazghanbari1979Main Road
5Kapourchal-Abkenar1979Main Road
6Eyo Oghlou-Jolfa1979Main Road
7Khayam Ring Road1979Main Road
8Fasa- Ghotb Abad Part no.41980Main Road
9Sepid Dasht-Khanjan Khan1980Main Road
10Site Development of Foulad Mobarakeh1980Site Development
11Yazdro Dam1980Dam
12Sahalan Customs1980Site Development
13Lavashan-Kalaj1980Main Road
14Anzar Bridge-Shit Gahar 1980Bridge
15Sarmast-Sheykh Jebreeil1980Main Road
16Ray-Varamin Part no.11980Main Road
17Gharveh-Bijar Part no.11980Main Road
18Gharveh-Bijar Part no.21980Main Road
19Amol-Ahangar Kala1980Main Road
20Salmas-Tasouj Part no.11981Main Road
21Yazd-Tabas Part no.11981Main Road
22Masal-Shanderman1981Main Road
23Bandar Abbas Freeway Part no.11981Freeway
24Agricultural Plant Development Landscaping 1981Site Development
25Ray-Varamin Part no.21981Main Road
26Chamanbid-Marghzar1981Main Road
27Saveh-Bouin Zahra1982Main Road
28Yazd-Tabas Part no.21982Main Road
29Bafgh-Bandar Abbas Part no. 8A1982Railroad
30Sourmagh Pasargad Part no.41982Main Road
31Domestic Railroad of Steel Industries 1982Railroad
32Tolonbeh Khaneh Domestic Expressway 1982Expressway
33Tehran-Karaj Special Road1982Main Road
34Bandar Abbas Freeway Part no.21982Main Road
35Zirtong-Simereh1983Main Road
36Khorram Abad-Kouhdasht1983Main Road
37Loshan-Sangeroud1983Main Road
38Sormagh-Pasargad Part no.51983Main Road
39Loshan-Sangeroud Mine Road1983Main Road
40Imamgholi-Dargaz Part no.21983Main Road
41Rasak-Sarbaz1984Main Road
42Marand-Bazargan1984Main Road
43Imamzadeh Davoud-Kan (Sangan)1984Pavement
44Khoy Ring Road1984Pavement
45Salmas-Tasouj Part no.1 and Ghareh Tapeh Bridge1984Main Road
46Hoze Mahi Mine Road1984Main Road
47Foulad Shahr Streets1985Main Road
48The around Streets of Foulad Mobarakeh Camp 1985Main Road
49Tehran-Qom Part no.41985Railroad
50Sarband-Lary-Part no.11986Main Road
51Sarband-Lary-Part no.21986Main Road
52Bojestan-Gonabad1986Main Road
53Mehrabad Airport -Left Line of Band no.29 1987Airport
54Semirom-Yasouj Part no.3J1987Main Road
55Ray-Varamin Part no.11987Main Road
56Pavement of Ardebil Airport1987Airport
57Zohreh Bridge1987Bridge
58Khajir Headquarter1987Site Development
59Yazd-Tabas Part no.31988Main Road
60Khoy-Salmas-Ghoushchi1988Main Road
61Saveh-Ravan1989Main Road
62Sourmagh-Pasargad Part no.61989Main Road
63Sarband-Lary Part no.1 Complementary1989Main Road
64Qazvin-Zanjan Part no.1A1990Freeway
65Qazvin-Zanjan Part no.1B1990Freeway
66Imamgholi-Ghouchanp1990Main Road
67Mehrabad Airport -Right Line of Band no.291990Airport
68Ilam Azadi Tunnel 1991Tunnel
69Ray-Varamin Part no.1 Complementary1991Main Road
70Ilam Airport1991Airport
71Shahreza-Behbahan Part no.31991Main Road
72Boushehr-Deyr Part no.31991Main Road
73Sanandaj Airport1991Airport
74Sourmagh-Pasargad Part no.21992Main Road
75Ahar-Kalibar Part no.31992Main Road
76Yazd-Tabas Part no.3 Complementary1992Main Road
77Shahrekord Airport1992Airport
78Khorram Abad Airport1993Airport
79Ardakan-Chadormalou Part no.2B1993Railroad
80Boushehr-Deyr Part no.1B1993Main Road
81Ilam-Hamil- Entrance of Azadi Tunnel1993Main Road
84Yazd-Tabas Part no.4A1994Main Road
85Bijar-Hamedan1994Main Road
86Zanjan-Bijar Part no.21994Main Road
87Semirom-Yasouj Part no.3J Complementary1995Main Road
88Fooman-Shaft-Saravan Part no.11995Main Road
89Ilam-Hamil- Exit of Azadi Tunnel1995Main Road
90Dashtroum-Baba Meydan Part no.31995Main Road
91Ahrom-Farashband Part no.21995Main Road
92Zanjan-Tabriz Part no.111995Freeway
93Widening of Kandovan Tunnel1996Tunnel
94Bafgh-Mashhad Part no.141996Railroad
95Bafgh-Mashhad Part no.151996Railroad
96Bafgh-Mashhad Part no.161996Railroad
97Bafgh-Mashhad Part no.171996Railroad
98Bafgh-Mashhad Part no.181996Railroad
99Bafgh-Mashhad Part no.191997Railroad
100Pavement and asphalt of Kandovan Tunnel2000Pavement
101Ilam-Hamil- Exit of Azadi Tunnel2000Main Road
102Mehrriz-Anar Expressway2001Main Road
103Bafgh-Mashhad Part no.14 Complimentary2004Railroad
104Ahrom-Farashband Part no.2 of Complementary Contract2005Main Road
105Langeroud-Ramsar1997Main Road
106Shaft-Saravan1995Main Road
107Tehran-Pardis Part no.12002Main Road
108Tehran-Pardis Part no.22002Main Road
109Tonekabon-Ramsar2002Main Road
110Shift-Ganaveh2008Main Road

Pars Roads Development Co. have the following projects under construction during the current year:

۱-Construction of Mianeh-Tabriz Railroad-Part no.8A & B, Part no.9

۲-Construction of Saveh-Hamedan Freeway-Part no.2 of S band