Next to Amico Co., 6th -km of Karaj –Tehran Special Road, Tehran

| Friday, 18 September , 2020

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About Us

Pars Roads Development Co. has started its activities with the object of activity in construction industry and by designing and executing of national and international projects in scope of roadmaking, engineering structures, railroad and road during the three decade besides receiving the satisfaction of employers and being well-known in construction quality and timely fulfilling the undertakings managed  to reach a level of ability and experience which now by employing expertise  and skilled manpower and hundreds of heavy and semi-heavy equipment is known as the one of the important national capital of Iran in the field of development and entrepreneurship . Abiding by professional ethics , establishment of Quality Control units, Project management (PMBOK), Project Control and Safety (HSE) honored  this company to receive different certificates such as the Highest Qualification in the fields of transportations from the honorable Vice-President for Planning and Strategic Supervision and the quality management on basis of international standards from the reliable authorities and this company by assuming the most responsibility  in response to being confident and believing in the need of sustainable development for Iran and the territory  , has conducted its long-term strategic planning for continuation and  development of activities in the domestic and international construction field with an approach to promote itself in roadmaking.